About Wiley’s

Wiley's Cooking Woods was founded by Mike Wiley, who was born in the nation’s “Barbecue Belt”.  So it was only natural for him to start a business dedicated to selling the highest quality smoking woods for open flame grilling, brick ovens, and barbecue pit restaurants.

Growing up in East Texas, Wiley remembers hearing stories of his father and friends barbecuing chicken over red-hot charcoals, waiting for the right moment to add the honey glaze.  Before gas grills, he witnessed his best friend’s father slow-cook a roast over coals on an electric rotisserie.  When gas grills came along, he weathered the laughter of friends who asked if the chicken was done after “only” 55 minutes.

In 2006, Mike enrolled in a cooking class through the Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association, where he and his partner won the grand championship. The win sowed the seeds for Wiley’s Cooking Woods. Frustrated at only being able to find cooking woods during the summer grilling season, Mike set out to bring barbecue the best smoking woods to customers year-round.

Please call (503) 885-9663 for commercial pricing.