The Cooking Wood Trend

The natural organic trend has become increasingly more popular. Wood fire is a more natural, healthier way to cook.  Many people pay a premium for organic, hormone free meats and consider natural cooking woods to be preferred fuel over commercial barbecue briquettes which are composed of many chemical additives, contain clay and sand filler, and bind it with petroleum products.  Sustainable Table Article

BBQ is really America’s only original cuisine and the various styles evolved and developed from each area’s available meat, natural wood, and spices. We have seen growing awareness and increasing interest in exotic woods to create moist, tender food with a distinctive flavor. What is BBQ by PNWBA.

Wood fired ovens have become increasingly more popular for commercial use in pizzerias and bakeries and have recently become more widely available for personal use in houses and backyards.  It is essential when baking with wood to use only the highest quality of wood to achieve the best results from the oven. Local restaurants have been thrilled with the unique taste natural woods provide at a reasonable cost. Wood burning ovens.

Wood-fire or open flame grilling is a unique and upscale way of preparing steaks and meats for restaurants. This technique is popular in Japanese and/or Asian steak houses and often adds to the entertaining atmosphere of the restaurant. Grilling with wood: New York Times.

When cooking, always be aware of food safety and cooking meats to the correct temperature.

U.S. Standards for Cooking Temperature.